More pictures of the cats:

Spring 2019: Finnegan in open air

Winter 2019: Finnegan has many hidden skills!

Nice and warm place here! 

Eh, are we allowed to sit on the kitchen table?

No, but she hasn't got the heart to throw us down!

June 14th 2010: Last pictures of the bluies together!

Flavia July 13th 2008

July 13th 2008: Fennimore and Flavia in the run

July 7th 2006: Vilma and Cosima in the run


May 1st 2006: Cosima having raw fish for her first birthday - a real norwegian!


Sun is shining coldly from an iceblue sky. Heaps of dirty old snow lie in the garden. 

But we know: Spring is coming. Spring is a SCENT!


Associated bluies inspecting the birds



Mmmm - wonderful evening...


What are you staring at ?


Shall I sock you one?