The cattery


Cosima - Hugo - Flavia

Falstria's is a small cattery of purebred siameses, and has existed since 1989. Having been struck with mishaps for a periode, I pause from breeding for a while, but I hope to come back one day.

My everyday life with the cats is of great importance to me.  First and for all, they must be happy. It is not always easy to combine the love for the animals with breeding, and for me the consequence has been, that I have  had few litters over the years.

I have imported queens from Holland, Germany and Norway in order to do my part for the genetic variety of the breed. I kept daughters from them all, and I have sold to other breeders, from whom I can hope to get queens on the long view .

My aim is to make pedigees with exclusively siameses. At the moment I have one line of purebreds and one, where the orientals lie very far behind.

Clair Renaissance - Clemente

My cats are all over the house, and in summer also on the terrace, which has been fenced, so that we can enjoy the outdoor life together, safely. That's how we like it, the animals and I, and I have decided, only to sell kittens to homes, where they are not allowed to run in the open.


Clemente - Penny - Clair Renaissance

Cosima - Vilma - Fennimore