The neuters


Chiuvana's Pierrot, JW

SIA w 67 (Foreign White)
born: 13/5-2013



Once again, I owe great thanks to Peder og Dorete Irbil.

When Hugo died last year, Flavia was grieving, so Pierrot was neutered and moved in here. For that we are very grateful, the three of us.

Pierrot is a wonderfully affectionate cat and pretty, too.

Finnegan von der Grünstiege

SIA a 21 (Bluetabbypoint)
born: 29/10-2018


Flavia von der Grünstiege's death left Pierrot in agony. He couldn't stand being alone, and then he became Finnegan as a baby brother.

He is unusually affectionate and sociable, and in addiction to that, he is unbehaved beyond limitation´s. Thank you, Ute Krüger - once again!.



- none at the moment